Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Assessing Your Needs

As you start planning your project, identify the bathroom you want to remodel and take some time to consider your lifestyle and how the bathroom fits into the picture. Consider how you’re using it now and what you want this remodel to accomplish. Unlike a kitchen remodel, where you have one room to focus all your design efforts, your bathroom renovation depends on which bathroom you are remodeling. The space layout and appliances/fixtures you choose for a master bath will be very different from what you want for a powder room.

  1. Which bathroom are you remodeling – master, main/full, powder room?
  2. Who uses the bathroom – you, guests, the kids, someone with special needs, a senior?
  3. How many people use the bathroom?
  4. How many bathrooms are in the house?
  5. What changes do you need/want to make?
  6. Do you need storage?
  7. Do you want to replace the tub with a larger shower?
  8. Do you want to update or completely redo the space?
  9. Do you plan to stay in your home into retirement?
  10. Are you planning to sell in the near future?

Begin by researching all of the options available on the market today to determine what’s on your must-haves and the nice to haves – use the internet, pull pages from magazines, watch home improvement shows. Then make a list of the items that you need and those that you would like to have if affordable.

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